Harry & Ida Swop Teeth -

Harry & Ida Swop Teeth


Seventeen years ago in Little America, two babies were born Siamese: Harry and Ida Brick. They were joined at the head but later surgically separated. Unfortunately, Harry retained less brain than Ida, so now they need money they haven't got, to pay for an operation to save his life.

Short of options, Harry and Ida go to the local medical school and give themselves up for guinea pigs. They drive-in and drive-out, getting paid twenty dollars for each time they are injected with new 'Society Drugs'. These cocktails of genes and DNA are coalesced from the saliva of schizophrenics, offenders, vandals, and pregnant teenagers; each visit to the medical school sees different combinations and doses impregnated into Hary and Ida's bloodstream in exchange for cash-in-hand. Feeling like a couple of young gods who are certainly not about to slow down and start living like mortals, Harry and Ida go missing and with all the bad blood swirling round inside this duo of juvenile tornados, a strange and incredible journey begins to unfold.

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    Stephen Jones
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    198mm x 129mm
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  • World Rights

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