Independent Music Press was founded in 1992 and specialises in publishing high quality first-to-the-market music books and biographies. Artists covered include names such as James Hetfield, Blink 182, Paramore, Thom Yorke, Slash, Bruce Dickinson, Dave Gahan, Robert Plant, Green Day, Prodigy, My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, Johnny Marr, The Killers, John Lydon, Muse, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics and Mick Ronson.

Genres covered include everything from punk, metal, rock to grunge, pop-punk and dance; the list is complemented by a passion for re-introducing classic titles, such as Diary of a Rock íní Roll Star and Life On Tour With David Bowie, as well as definitive youth culture histories on subjects such as Scooter Boys, Skins, Mods, Rockers, Bikers and Two Tone.

Independent Music Press is totally independent with sales in 26 countries worldwide.


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